Canon Demi EE17

Every inch of the Canon Demi radiates a 1960’s vibe, but my favourite part is that it has no corners, and that is the only real reason I wanted it.  Sure I told myself it’s a pocketable size, and because it’s a half frame, it’s a money saver – double the exposures every roll! But those curves, irresistible! This camera is not all looks either. When I remembered to zone focus, I found it surprisingly sharp. There are a few shots where I got excited and blatantly forgot to change between “mountain setting” and “portrait person setting”, but not as many as I expected. There are a pair of photos that are awash with blur but still retained a smidgen of focus. I quite like the vibe and after looking at all the scans, I came to a disturbing conclusion… I’m pretty sure I prefer using the Canon Demi over all the Olympus Pen cameras I’ve used, and there have been many.

I keep meaning to do more with the half aspect of the half frame cameras, such as take more diptychs/triptychs. Most half frames shoot vertical frames so it’s perfect, but alas I am a bit delulu, and I forget all my intentions once I’m shooting. Under normal circumstances I would not have put colour in an ancient camera such as this, however I can easily get my hands on 24 exposures in colour but not in black and white, and with so many cameras to try out, there’s no way I needed 72 pictures in this one camera when it hadn’t even impressed me yet! Rocket Repro will develop and scan these half frame annoyances, and I suggest you let them, if you think scanning 36 exposures is irritating, this is next level. Rocket will scan them in doubles, two frames per scan.

If you want to try one for yourself, we have a couple of used ones in at the moment –

Here are a few images from my outing…

CanonDemiEE17Photo 3
CanonDemiEE17Photo 2
Canon Demi EE17 Photo 1
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