How Beau Began...

Beau Photo has been supplying photographers in the lower mainland and across Canada since 1982 – that’s over 35 years in the industry.

Our story begins with Evangelos “Angie” Apostolides who, despite already being a successful photographer in his own right, also had a vision to start a business to supply other professionals.

Angie came to Canada from Greece in 1951 and quickly got to work in the photographic field. After working for a number of different photographers, Angie started his own photography studio “Evangelos” in the Hotel Vancouver. He kept busy not only with his regular clients but also with out of towners like Bob Hope, Louis Armstrong and even the Queen.

When the Hotel Vancouver was being renovated, Angie moved the studio to West Broadway in Kitsilano where he was once again kept busy, this time with many grad students from UBC. After selling his photography studio and doing other photo jobs to keep busy, he saw an opportunity arise when a supplier named York Photo went into receivership.

Angie called up a few of his buddies from the industry, at which point our four heroes named (this part is important) B-ennett, E-ddie, A-ngie, and U-lbe decided to take over the situation and thus, in 1982, B-E-A-U (check the name thing again) Photo was born. Angie was left to hold down the fort with 2 part-timers in its original location on the 1700 block of West 3rd Avenue. In a few months, the 4 partners took on a 5th and the full-time staff doubled with the addition of Gord Lovell. Needless to say, the humour more than tripled!

Although the company specialized mainly in soft goods such as albums, folders, frames and Polaroid, the equipment end and variety of goods was always expanding. At one point, you could also buy honey for your toast and oil for your car!?!

In 1985, Beau Photo moved to 1520 W.6th Avenue, and in 2018, made another move to the current location at 1401 W. 8th Ave. With Gord’s departure in 2000, Angie has become the sole owner of the company. Over the years the staff of 2 has grown to 12 and the selection of products continues to increase rapidly. Beau Photo still carries all the albums, folders, cameras and lighting that you’ve come to depend on and our extensive digital and rental departments continue to keep up with the latest in the industry to keep you shooting! In addition, our darkroom, film, and used camera stock continues to expand with new lines of product.

Our staff is littered with photographers of all sorts – from those that shoot sports & animals to landscapes, portraits and even wet plate photography for anyone who loves 1850’s photography.

Photography is our passion!
Beau Photo has been a continued supporter of many photo organizations, local and across Canada. If we don’t get a chance to see our clients in the shop, there is a good chance that we have (and continue) to see them as we hit the road to support many different photo events. We love catching up with everyone at PPOC, CAPIC, CAPA, and NPAC shows along with many other community events. Our quirky, yet knowledgeable staff is here to help you. You can see just how quirky they are by checking out their profiles here. Don’t be afraid to give us a call!

Why Shop at Beau?

Bottom line – we are here to assist you. It doesn’t matter if you are running your own photography business, are a photographic artist, a student getting into photography or someone who found an old film camera and wants to start using it. We are here to help you decide what is best for your needs. No hard sales tactics here. If you don’t see a particular item on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us as special orders are what we do best and often.