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Digital Photography

Sensor Cleaning

Cleaning Your Camera’s Sensor - Mike Mander - Introduction & Warnings Introduction & Warnings Originally published in 2005, updated in 2011, and now republished on the brand new Beau Photo Supplies website in 2017, this article is still relevant today, 12 years later! I've made a few changes and added some notes to bring this [...]

Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide for both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Cameras

Tether Tools was very kind to allow us to share this article on troubleshooting tethering problems that might arise: Few things are more frustrating than being ready to shoot, but getting stopped dead in your tracks when a tethered capture session is not cooperating. With this easy-to-follow guide you’ll be able to troubleshoot any tethered connection […]

Film and Darkroom


So you have the latest and greatest in digital technology, or maybe you are dreaming of getting the new Canon or Fujifilm body, but have you ever thought about going with less technology, back to the roots of photography? For all of the high-tech equipment I have around me every day, I’m actually more of […]

Lighting and Studio

Inkjet Printing

Monitor to Print Matching

Monitor to Print Matching or... How to avoid “dark prints” - Mike Mander - Update (2017): Much of this is still relevant, despite the article being many years old now. Overly bright and contrasty defaults still remain for many systems and sometimes it can be hard getting an accurate print. In addition, I have found many [...]

ICC Profiles, Printers and Papers

Update (2017): I plan on revising this article for this new website with some more current information and screenshots. Stay tuned… After covering monitor calibration in the last newsletter, I thought it logical to go over printing this time. This one will be in Q&A form with, again, an expanded version available online here: Q: […]