Scanning Printing Station

Please call or complete the form below to book a time on the workstation, and if printing, to confirm we have paper in the size you want!

Notes: The printing/scanning station is not available 30mins before closing time. If you are here printing/scanning already before that time we ask that you please start to wrap up your work then. There will be no printing/scanning started beyond that time.

Canon imagePROGRAF Self Serve Printer Rates:

  • PRO-1000 usage (you supply your own sheet paper): $10.40 / sq-foot
  • PRO-1000 with sheet media (standard matte, gloss, or semi-gloss paper): $11.00 / sq-foot
  • PRO-1000 with sheet media (premium fine art or Baryta papers): $13.20 / sq-foot
  • PRO-2000 usage (you supply your own roll paper): $8.25 / sq-foot
  • PRO-2000 with 24″ roll media (standard matte, gloss, or semi-gloss paper): $8.90 / sq-foot
  • PRO-2000 with 24″ roll media (premium fine art or Baryta papers): $11.00 / sq-foot

Use the Print Cost Calculator below to find the approximate cost of a print. [Update July 2023: Due to rising costs of consumables over the last few years, we’ve had to raise our prices by approx. 10%.]

When it comes to printing, we expect that you’ll be able to transfer images to the computer, know how to run Photoshop or Lightroom and how to effectively print from those programs, using the appropriate ICC profile and the Canon printer driver. All we do is load the desired paper into the printer for you, replace ink cartridges as needed, and provide help if there is a thorny troubleshooting issue with the computer or printer. We do not have the time to do the printing for you, or to walk your through all the steps. Any time spent above basic troubleshooting will be billed to you at $70/hr.

If you are inexperienced, we offer individual workshops in colour management and printing that we recommend you take before booking the self-serve station. You can find more information about it on the workshops page.

Printing/scanning station details:

  • Billable in 15-minute increments.
  • Bring your own hard drive (with cables) or a USB stick. We have USB-A connections.
  • Please do not save or leave any files on the computer – they will be deleted!
  • Please download your ICC profiles or any other necessary items before you come. The computer is not meant for web browsing.
  • We have an Epson V850 Pro scanner for print and large format film scanning.
  • For 35mm and medium format film up to 6×12, we have a Plustek OpticFilm 120 dedicated film scanner.
Canon Printers
Beau Photo Canon printing station image
Standard Papers Premium Papers
Hahnemuhle Studio Book & Decor
(matte 24″ roll only – 240 gsm)
Hahnemuhle Photo Silk Baryta (310 gsm)
*Discontinued – limited availability*
Ilford Prestige Fine Art Smooth (matte – 200 gsm) Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta Satin (300 gsm)
Ilford Smooth Gloss (310 gsm) Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Fine Art (matte – 308 gsm)
Ilford Smooth Pearl (310 gsm)

Print Cost Calculators

Print Station Booking Form

    This booking form is for anyone wanting to book at least two days in advance. If you would like to come in the same day or the next day, please call us to book.
    See above to find out what papers we offer and complete this form to request a booking. Someone will return your e-mail and confirm your booking within two business days. Please call before coming in if we haven't yet confirmed your time.

    Please select what equipment you would like to use...

    What paper will you be using?

    What date would you like to book?

    What time?

    Apple iMac for scanning, Photoshop, or Lightroom use with no printing: $30/hour 

    Additional Terms:

    • Ask us about student discounts!
    • If you do $10 or more worth of printing per hour, there is no charge for computer usage. For less than $10 worth of printing, as long as you do some printing, the computer charge will be $10/hour, also billable in 15 minute increments. For the smaller Fujifilm printer, since it is very fast, there is no additional charge for computer time even if your total printing cost is less than $10.
    • You can calculate your printing costs for the Canon printers with the following formula (length and width in inches)…

      —> multiply your print’s image area length x width / 144 x cost per sq-foot = printing cost
                    … or simply use the Print Cost Calculator above on this page!
    • Note that the charges which include paper assume that you generally use the smallest paper size that can handle the actual printed image size. For example, you would need to use 8.5×11″ paper for an 8×10 image area and not 13×19″ paper. If you wanted to make a print with a small image area on a much larger size of paper that we supply, there may be an oversize paper charge.
    • Take home your large prints safely in either a 26″ long by 3″ diameter reusable thick cardboard tube with end-caps for $4.95, or smaller prints in a flat cardboard sleeve that’s 18″x24″ at $2.95. Note that these tubes and sleeves are not archival; they are only meant for transport and not long-term storage! Ask us about archival storage options. Bring them back the next time you come to print, but if you forget, at least they’re not too expensive to buy again.