Events and Workshops with Beau Photo

There are many exciting and educational events and workshops happening throughout the year, both at Beau Photo and across the city. See below for upcoming and ongoing activities that are being held at, or sponsored by Beau Photo. Check the Events Calendar for a complete list, and to see other events around town.

Upcoming with Beau...

Ongoing at Beau...

Get a private tutorial at Beau Photo and develop your own roll of film. Each session is between 90 minutes and two hours, and is only $49.99. Appointments are individual so they can be arranged at a time that is convenient for you. Call Nicole at 604.734.7771 or email for more information.

Learn to Clean Your Camera Sensor

For $60.00 we are offering to clean your sensor and show you the proper techniques so you can clean it yourself if you wish to. This would include any needed cleaning fluid and appropriately sized swabs. For more information, or to book your own personal sensor cleaning, Call Mike at 604.734.7771 or e-mail him at

Polaroid Originals (Impossible Project) Lift Tutorial

Learn how to create your very own emulsion lifts and transparencies using Impossible Project or Polaroid Originals film. For $49.99 we provide the camera and film, all you need to bring is yourself. If you are new to the Impossible Project/Polaroid Originals film or just new to emulsion lifts, this workshop will give you lots of great new ideas to take your artwork to a different level.

This is a one-on-one tutorial that you can schedule at a time that works for you during our regular store hours.  To book a time please call the store: 604-734-7771 or email

Large Format Camera Workshop

You can learn how to use a large format camera. There isn’t much to large format cameras, but they can seem foreign if you are used to smaller formats. This 90 minute one-on-one workshop will introduce you to the world of large format photography and give you enough information so you know where you want to explore next. We use 8×10 cameras and Impossible Project 8×10 film so you get a print right away – both educational and satisfying!

These workshops are held at various times of the year depending on demand. Please call the store: 604-734-7771 or email if you are interested in this workshop and we will let you know when we schedule the next one. We occasionally make special considerations for personal tutorials hosted at the store aside from the regular running workshop, based on Kathy’s availability. If you are interested in booking a one-on-one tutorial, please contact the store.

Pinhole Camera Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your own pinhole camera. You can bring your own container to make a pinhole with or you can use one of the containers provided. We will take you through the step by step process of creating a pinhole camera so you end up with one to take home with you, as well as teach you how to get the best results. This tutorial takes place at the store and is a one-on-one session, this way you can book a time frame that works with your schedule! Open to any time during regular store hours, but please call ahead to book your time slot. You may book a tutorial session with a friend, however pricing is per person. Each session is $49.99 and includes all necessary materials.

Please contact Nicole at 604-734-7771 or email to book a time or for more information.