Chemicals and Alternative Processes

Whether you are looking for a way to develop your own film, want to mix your own special developer, or are trying to recreate a historic photographic process from the 1800s, we have a little bit of everything! We carry a good selection of chemicals for black and white film and paper processing, as well as C-41 and E-6 processing kits. For those of you looking for new photographic possibilities, we also carry Rockland Liquid Light, so you can sensitize just about anything!

We have a selection of alternative process kits including cyanotype and Van Dyke printing kits, toners, and other miscellaneous darkroom chemicals. We can also do special orders, including hard to get items from the U.S. Give us a call or come by and we will be happy to help you get started.


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Beau Photo Supplies Inc.
Beau Photo Supplies Inc.