Scanning Services

This great service brought to you by Photo Expert Scanning is a low cost approach that delivers quality images suitable for printing up to 12×18 inch sized prints. Perfect for finally organizing all your family memories from before the digital age! This service offers great rates on bulk scans and also makes it possible to get some of those odd sized negatives or slides scanned that may have previously been costly or difficult. For details and rates please see below. If you have any questions regarding this service, please email Note: this is not an in-house service and takes approximately two weeks from drop-off to completion. Before you bring in your order please pre-count the number of slides, frames (for negatives) and/or prints you are having scanned.

**Each batch of scanning includes one USB drive. If you would like more than one copy or different batches on different drives, additional USB drives are $15.99 each. Please be sure to mention this when you drop off your items to be scanned. **

Archival Print and Slide Storage

Don’t forget to safely archive all your photos and negatives once you get them scanned and organized! We have everything you need, from Print File negative storage pages and Beseler archival binders to various sizes of archival storage boxes for prints from Lineco. Check out all our Archival Products here: Get 10% off any archival supplies with a scanning order. Ask us for details.

Print Scanning

Do you have boxes and albums full of old photographs? We now offer great quality scanning by Photo Expert Scanning – Canada’s scanning specialists who use state-of-the-art equipment. They can scan everything from wallet prints to over-sized artwork, and can do cheap scans for thousands of prints, with prices as low as 0.10 cents per print! The bulk scanning prices may be rock bottom but the resulting scans are colour corrected, sharpened and suitable for nice prints up to 12×18 in.

*Largest print size that can be scanned is 11×17 inch.

Pricing for Print Scanning

1 – 25 prints $2.99 (each)
26 – 100 prints $49.99 (batch)
100 – 500 prints $89.99 (batch)
500 – 1600 prints $239.99 (batch)
1600 photos or more $0.15 (each)

All photos scanned at 300 DPI. 600 DPI costs 100% more.
**Please remove photos from albums and frames before bringing them in. There is a $60/hr charge to remove photos from albums. If the photo cannot be removed from the album then the whole page will be scanned**

Stack of slides

35mm Slide Scanning

Does Grandpa have boxes and boxes of old slides in the attic? Was Dad a big fan of Kodachrome?

Share the images they captured with our large quantity slide scanning service. Photo Expert Scanning will provide sharp, detailed, colour corrected scans from your slides. Get cheap slide scans for as low as $0.39 each! Premium quality + low, low price = an unbeatable combination!

Have your 35mm Kodachrome slides, Ektachrome slides, Fujichrome slides and any other 35mm slide film scanned and saved to a USB flash drive. We can scan directly from carousels and Kodak slide boxes.

35mm Slide Scanning Prices

1 – 25 slides $2.99 each
26 – 100 slides $0.69 each
101 – 300 slides $0.59 each
301 – 500 slides $225.00 (flat rate for batch)
500 slides or more $0.45 each

All slides scanned at 2000 x 3000 pixels.
High Resolution: 3000 x 4000 pixels add $1.50 per image.

Negative Scanning

Bulk Negative Scanning – If you need 35mm or medium format negatives scanned, we can help. Photo Expert scanning provides detailed, high resolution scans which are colour corrected and density corrected for optimal quality. All negative scanning is done with state-of-the-art Noritsu scanners. Colour negative scans will have Digital ICE applied at no extra charge. Say goodbye to dust and scratches! See pricing below for 35mm negative scanning and medium format negative scanning. Note: Pricing is based on all images from one strip of negatives being scanned. If you wish to pick and choose individual frames from a strip to be scanned then price is $1.99 per image, regardless of quantity.

Envelope of negatives

35mm Negative Scanning Prices

1 – 25 frames $2.99 per frame
26 – 100 frames $0.49 per frame
101 – 250 frames $0.45 per frame
251 – 500 frames $0.39 per frame
500 frames or more $0.35 per frame
Cut single 35mm negatives $1.99 per frame

MUST have 2 frames or more in each strip.
All scans 2000 x 3000 pixels.
High Resolution 3000 x 4000 pixels, add $1.50 per image.

Medium Format Negative Scanning Prices

Individual negatives $2.99 per frame
26 – 100 negatives $0.89 per frame
101 – 250 negatives $0.69 per frame
500+ negatives $0.59 per frame

High resolution: add $1.50 per image.
Black and white or color negatives accepted.
Medium format/120 negatives include: 2 1/4″ or 6cm, 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7, 6×8, or 6×9

Flatbed Scanning - Odd Sized Negatives

Not to worry if you have some odd sized negatives that do not fall into the above categories of regular 35mm or medium format standard sizes! Photo Expert Scanning can scan these odd sizes as a flatbed scan. Flatbed scan sizes include: 110 negatives, 120 slides, “super slides”, 126 negatives and any other oversized slides or negatives wider or slimmer than standard 2 1/4″.

All flatbed scans are $1.99 each, no bulk pricing.
High resolution add $1.50 per image.

Scanning - Technical Information

Scanner hardware

For 35mm and 120 sizes: Noritsu HS-1800

Rapid scanning up to 8×12: Kodak PS-80

Odd sized negatives: Epson V850 pro flatbed

Flatbed up to 11×17 for prints: Plustek OpticPro A3201

– All scans are jpg format – no tif or raw files available.

– Print scans are all 300 DPI.
– 600 DPI is available at double the price, though it is not recommended as it generally highlights the scratches and dust more and the image does not turn out as nice.

– 35mm scans are 2000 x 3000 pixels.
– 3000 x 4000 resolution available for $1.50 extra per image, but as mentioned above it is not recommended.

– With a properly exposed, sharp image, scans can easily be printed at 12 x 18 inch.

– You can split your images up into groups to create separate folders such as by year, person, family, event, etc. However, each group should average 100 or more images per group to avoid extra time charges.