The Big Feta… Angie Apostolides
Angie is the owner of Beau and has been in the photo business since 1948. He is currently enjoying shorter work weeks but can still be found in the store working on various projects. He can be reached by calling Beau or e-mail him at

Carol Polloni –
General Manager

Carol has been at Beau since 1988. Call her with your complaints because she loves that. She also looks after accounts and does a lot of organising for trade shows and other fun events. e-mail her at or give her a call at Beau.

Mike –
Digital Imaging Department
Mike has been doing digital imaging since 256 colour VGA graphics were state-of-the-art, and has been using Photoshop since version 2.5! He has the answer to just about any digital question you have and can help you with your digital imaging dilemmas. He is also a desert loving landscape photographer that finally made the switch to digital. See his gallery page in the staff galleries on the website. You can call or e-mail him at

Jason –
Rental Manager
Jason is very happy to have so much equipment to look after. Lights, lots of digital cameras, and especially the big lenses! If there is a specific piece of equipment you are looking for, give him a call and he can reserve it for you. If you know the perfect place to photograph a rare bird, or need to know a good place yourself, he’s the guy to talk to. See his images on the staff gallery pages on this website.

Ken –
Equipment Sales
Lights? Cameras? Get Ken on it. He can help you find what you need to help set up your studio or get out there in the action and shooting. Call him or e-mail at

Steve S

Steve S. –
Shipping and Receiving

Steve has been playing with cameras since he was young, and knows a thing or two about film. He loves to ship people all their new and exciting treasures, and thinks it’s always his birthday because he opens so many presents that come from our suppliers! Don’t tell him they are not really his 😉 You can contact him at

Meghan –
Assistant Manager / Presentation Products / Paper Shuffler
Meghan fell in love with animals and photography growing up on a farm in rural Manitoba. She’s an avid film lover and vintage camera collector. e-mail if you would like a tour of the Renaissance Album line. If you are out of town you can call her at 1.800.994.2328.

Nicole –
Film Leader
Nicole is film crazy. She loves film and is always trying out everything new that comes in. She is a creative person and would love to hear what you are working on. You can check out some of her work in the staff gallery pages on this website. If you are looking for something unusual, ask her and she will do her best to get it in for you.

Kathy –
Alternative Processes, Graphic Design
Kathy has been at Beau for quite a while and has done many different jobs here. She loves film and historic photographic processes and is happy to talk about what you’ve been working on and answer any questions you might have. See some of her work in the staff galleries on this website. She is also the one to ask if you want to know how to preserve your photographs for future generations.You can send her an e-mail at

Hunter –
Printing Pro
Hunter loves the technical aspects of photography and problem solving. He shoots mostly landscapes, his travels, and whatever else interests him at that point in time on film and digital. He looks after our filters, printing station (including inkjet paper), and Magmod flash accessories. You can email him at or give him a call at Beau.

Mustafa –
Social Media Guru / Sales Expert
Mustafa has been a Beau customer for so long, its about time that they hired him to run around the store and fill in the gaps. Having been taking photos since he was a kid — you can talk to him about film cameras and photography all day everyday (provided you buy something eventually.)

Basil (Bill) Apostolides –
All around fun guy
Bill sets his own hours and when he’s here he is always up to something. He mostly helps out in shipping, but is also the delivery driver and cleaner. Cardboard boxes are his favorite though, give him a pile of old boxes and he’ll have them cut up and in the recycling in no time. Say hi when you are in, he’s always got a story to tell.