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As a photographer, there may be times when you may need more than just yourself and your camera to get the job done.   Maybe you just need to block the sun, or a boom to hold a light up above a model’s head.  This is where grip gear comes in.  It basically refers to all the non-electrical equipment on set such as stands, booms, clamps, light modifiers such as flags & scrims, etc…  There is a bewildering number of different pieces of equipment out there, and even many different terms for the same piece of gear.  To help you wade through all this, grip gear manufacturer Matthews has compiled the Griptionary to try and lessen the confusion.

Stands and other studio equipment.
per day
Manfrotto 004 stand7.
Manfrotto Backlight stand5.
Manfrotto steel roller for booms10.
Matthews 40” C-stand w/grip arm & Pin10.
Matthews 20” C-stand w/Sliding Leg + grip arm & Pin7.
Matthews Low Boy Junior Double Riser with rollers12
Matthews Medium Overhead Roller Stand16.
Matthews Hi-Hi Overhead Roller Stand18.
Matthews Hi-Hi Overhead Roller Stands with Rocky Mountain Leg20.
Manfrotto Autopole10.
Tether Tools Tethering Kit
Includes: Low Boy Stand, Aero Tether Table, Cross Bar
Think Tank Pixel Sunscreen V2
Collapsable Portable Sunshade for Laptops
Matthews Mini boom w/weight12.
Manfrotto Super Boom w/weight25.
Matthews Mega Boom w/weight65.
Matthelini clamp7.
Superclamp w/pin5.
Manfrotto Lite Tite5.
Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm (magic arm)10.
Apple Box - Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/83.
Apple Box Set10.
Sandbag 25 lbs Water Resistant3.
Sandbag 15-20 lbs2.
AC extension cord6.
Manfrotto Backdrop Support - 10’
Includes 2 stands, telescoping pole,
2 clamps, carrying bag
Manfrotto Backdrop Support - 16’ -
Includes: 4 Alucore, 2 stands w/pins, 2 clamps, carrying bag
6x6 silk or duvetyne only25.
12x12 silk or duvetyne only35.
6x6 frame25.
12x12 frame35.
6x6 Butterfly kit (light duty) -
Incl. 6x6 silk, 6x6 griffolyn, light duty frame w/2 stands
6x6 Butterfly kit (heavy duty) -
Includes: 6x6 snap-a-part frame, 2 med. high rollers, 6x6 silk and 6x6 duvetyne
12x12 Butterfly kit (heavy duty) -
Includes: 12x12 snap-a-part frame, 2 med. high rollers, 12x12 silk and 12x12 black
Mattboard reflector 4’x4’ silver - w/pivoting yoke25.
18x24 open end scrim5.
24x36 open end scrim6.
Single flag5.
Flag kit - 2 each, small (12”x18”),
medium (16”x24”), large (24”x36”)
Matthews 4x4 top hinge floppy22.
Pocket Wizard Plus III / Plus IV radio slave
Extra transmitter or receiver10.
Pocket Wizard Multimax, 1 transceiver15.
Pocket Wizard Multimax, 2 transceivers25.
Pocket Wizard remote cord - Canon/Nikon10.
Light Meters
Sekonic L-35818.
Sekonic L478D23.
per day
Gitzo GT5531S w/Gitzo Fluid Gimbal head45.
Manfrotto 546B Video Tripod w/504HD Video Head30.
Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 Carbon tripod w/ Magnesium Ballhead25.
Manfrotto 161 Tripod w/3-Way Head25.
Manfrotto 755XB w/MVH500AH Video Head25
Manfrotto 055 Tripod w/ 701 HDV video head20
Manfrotto tripod - 190 or 055 w/head15.
Manfrotto Monopod5.
Manfrotto 303 SPH VR Panoramic Head w/Leveling Base.35.
per day
Drop it MODERN backdrop 9'x12'25.
Manfrotto 10’ backdrop support kit10.
Manfrotto 16’ backdrop support kit15.
Light Tent
OrangeMonkie Foldio3 25" All-In-One Studio
Includes: Halo Bar Lighting Accessory, Black Velvet & White Vinyl Backdrops.
OrangeMonkie Foldio 360 Smart Turntable.
Create 360° Images With Your Camera or Smartphone.
*Please refer to for Camera or Phone Compatibility.
Muslin Backdrop Colours

Below are examples of the muslin backdrops available in rentals. *Please note that the actual colour will not be exactly as pictured due to different monitor calibrations. Please come by and have a look in person if the colour is critical to your shoot.

Fans and Fog Machine
per day
Reel FX fan60.
Floor Fan20
Le Maitre Show Fogger w/fog fluid
*additional fog fluid - $24.50
Softboxes, Umbrellas, Reflectors
per day
Extra Small - 16” x 22”12.
Small - 24” x 32”12.
Small - for tungsten or HMI lights15.
Small Strip - 9” x 36”12.
Medium - 36” x 48” (3’ x 4’)18.
Medium - for Tungsten or HMI lights22.
Medium Strip - 14” x 56” (1.1’ x 4.6’)18.
Large - 54” x 72” (4.5’ x 6’)28.
Large Strip - 21” x 84” (1.75’ x 7’)28.
*rental of a softbox includes a speedring
Dedicated speedring5.
Profoto RFi speedlight speedring10.
Egg crate - sm strip 40˚12.
Egg crate - med/med strip 40˚18.
Egg crate - lg/lg strip 50˚28.
Profoto CLIC Softbox Octa - Only works with "A" Series Flashes.12
Profoto OCF 2' Beautydish White12.
Chimera 3’ Octabank25.
Chimera 5’ Octabank35.
Profoto 4’ Octabank30.
Egg Crate for Profoto 4’ Octabank30.
Profoto 7’ Octabank45.
Profoto Giant 6’ (180cm) parabolic umbrella - fits Profoto only110.
Photoflex 7’ octabank45.
Umbrellas & Reflectors
Photoflex umbrella5.
Profoto Medium Deep White Umbrella. 41”12.
Profoto Diffusion for Medium Deep Umbrella7.
Profoto Deep Silver XL Umbrella25.
Profoto Diffusion for XL Umbrella12.
Photoflex Litedisc Reflector
32", 42" & 52" Sizes With Various Colour Combinations
Photoflex 42" Multidisc Reflector10.
Photoflex 41"x74" Silver/White Oval Reflector10.
Micro-Mini 2’x3’ zebra/white15.
Micro-Mini 2’x3’ silver/white15.
Mini kit 3’x4’ silver/white20.
Mini kit 3’x4’ zebra/white20.
Sun Swatter Mini 3’x4’25.
Pro kit 4’x6’ silver/white30.
4’x6’ zebra/white fabric12.
4’x6’ translucent fabric12.

*Please note that a deposit equal to the replacement value of the equipment is required at the time of pick up. See the rental home page under ‘Rental Deposit and Insurance Info’ for more information.