Archival Supplies

Archival supplies are not just for old photos! After you have taken so much care with printing good quality images, you should consider the care that goes into their storage as well. Regular paperboard boxes (like the ones the paper was originally packaged in, which most of us end up using to store our prints) are usually acidic and can damage prints and negatives over time. This becomes even more of an issue when the objects are stored in less than ideal conditions. Most people’s storage areas are warmer or more humid, especially with Vancouver weather, than what is recommended for photographs. Taking the simple step of putting your prints into an archival box or folder, filing your negatives in safe plastics, and finding an appropriate place in your house or studio to store them will help preserve your images for the future. If you have old photos that you are taking care of, we can help you with those too.

We carry a good selection of archival storage options, and can help you decide what the best solution for your collection is, no matter how big or small. Sometimes that single image of a family can become the most important thing to keep, so it is worth taking care of it now.


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Beau Photo Supplies Inc.