Rollei Retro 80S stand developed in Blazinal

I felt compelled, after shooting so much of the Rollei Retro 400S, to try the Rollei Retro 80S in winter. But my question being – is it too slow for street photography with the dark conditions this time of year?? I shot it in my Fujifilm GA645 Pro. The Fuji 645 has a 60mm f4 lens in it and yes, I think that for my street shooting purposes both of them were too slow. Regardless, here are some of photos.


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One reply on “Rollei Retro 80S stand developed in Blazinal

  • Mike Nelson Pedde

    If you’re used to working quickly, then yes, this combination can be considered slow. For me, Kodachrome 25 was my favourite film. I have an assortment of cameras and lenses but among my favourites is my old Yashica Mat 124G – BECAUSE of the limitations it presents. With a 6x6cm frame I need to take care with my compositions. Combined with the mental agility required of a WLF I have to slow down. The single, fixed lens means I zoom with my feet. And with 12 exposures/roll I think twice about clicking the shutter. It’s not LF (½hour per image) but it’s on the grade.

    A recent TED talk, worth watching:
    Erin Sullivan: Does photographing a moment steal the experience from you?

    My view (circa 2013): (but Erin says it better).

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