*NEW in Rentals* FujiFilm X-PRO3

We have just received a FujiFilm X-PRO3 body in the Rentals Department this week to replace our venerable X-PRO2.  The X-PRO3 faithfully adheres to the rangefinder style body the X-Pro series is famous for, but with one big difference.  The large rear LCD display now faces in towards the camera body, and flips down when needed to see photos and the menu system.  There is a smaller secondary screen located on the exterior with a settings display.  FujiFilm states this will simplify and streamline the photographic process to keep distractions to a minimum so the photographer can concentrate on taking pictures.  The X-PRO3 also has WiFi & Bluetooth built-in for sharing 7 remote control along with two SD card slots.

$125/day or weekend.

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