Project Instant V6.0 – An Instant Instant

A big thank you to everybody that participated in our Project Instant V6.0 Show. The entries look wonderful and opening night was a great success!

Our winners were as follows:

Integral Film Category

Winner Haunted Sunshine by Victoria Prevot

Honourable Mention  Series by Anastassia Babenko


Peel Apart Category

Winner Afar by Caitlin Ffrench

Honourable Mention Lynx Skull #1 by Anthony Delorenzo


Lift Category

Winner Pickup the Emulsion by Chris Evans

Honourable Mention Arrival by Deanna Fogstrom


Creative Series Category

Winner Focus by Deanna Flinn

Honourable Mention Sunset by Kellan Higgins


Judges Selection

J. K. Eye Ball by Chris Evans “love this one, as the image matches the method of presentation. Very funny!”

Jenn Cook Jesus by Lourdes Hugo “There’s a story here that keeps drawing me back, and an ambiguousness time and place that feels weighted with meaning – it could be now or then, here or there.”

R.B. – Photo Walk with Eloise by Jenn Echols “Lovely series capturing textures of urban fabric. Great use of minimal colour palette and changing scale.”


Staff Pick

The Unusual Suspects by Troch


You can click on the gallery to see the full-sized image….




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