Fujifilm X-E3 kits have arrived!

We finally received our first shipment of Fujifilm X-E3 kits, both black and silver, bundled with the excellent XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4R OIS zoom. These kits are selling for $1,649. Note that we are still waiting for our first shipment of bodies, which will be selling for $1,149.

That said, I just noticed that since the official X-E3 announcement came just after our September newsletter went out, I somehow managed to forget that I hadn’t yet talked about it, so didn’t put anything about the E-E3 in our October newsletter either. Oops! I hope to get my hands on a sample camera from Fujifilm in the very near future, so look for a detailed writeup on our blog, hopefully soon…

In a nutshell, the X-E3 is the replacement for the X-E2s. It is more or less what the X-T20 was to the X-T10, so the new 24MP sensor and an LCD touchscreen (much enhanced over the one on the X-T20), much better AF-tracking with a more responsive overall shooting experience and in addition, Fujifilm decided to add in the excellent focus point joystick that the X-Pro2, X-T2 and X-100F have. On the X-E3, this joystick does double duty and also controls menu selections and the like, since the 4-way “D-pad” is now gone to make way for an even more compact rangefinder style body. There is also enhanced smartphone connectivity with both WiFi and Bluetooth. For now, please visit Fujifilm’s site for details on the new X-E3!

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