Polaroid Lift Tutorial

We often have a lot of interest in learning how to do Polaroid lifts, but not everyone seems to be able to come to an open workshop when we hold them. So we have decided to offer a special one-on-one Polaroid lift tutorial for those that are interested that will cater to your own availability.  This class will take place at the store during regular store hours and can be booked through the film department with Nicole. Please call us or email film@beauphoto.com to set up a time.

The tutorial will be an hour long and we will provide you with one pack of Polaroid film to use as well as a camera if you do not already have one. Plan to take at least one photo during the tutorial, so come prepared if you’d like an interesting still life object to use in the photograph, as the weather outside may not be ideal that day! You will get to take the remainder of the pack of film with you as well as an extended rental of the camera you used if it was not your own. Cost for this tutorial is $49.00.

This class is for all skill levels — whether you have never done a lift before or would like a refresher! Curious what a Polaroid lift actually is? Well an even better reason to come take this fun tutorial! It is another great artistic way to take your instant images to another level, where the possibilities are really endless. In short, a lift is when you separate the emulsion of an instant Polaroid photo from it’s plastic covering, which allows it to be then lifted onto something else, such as watercolor paper, wood or an interesting object!


Lifts are a fun way to get more from your image!

You can lift your image onto lots of different types of beautiful paper or other objects! As long as they aren’t too slippery!

You can also turn it into a mixed media piece of art, by painting, drawing or otherwise decorating the paper or object you lift to.

And don’t worry if they rip and tear a little!

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