Family Day Photo Group Outing – Street Photography

Family Day Photo Group Outing, and by group I mean, Meghan, Nicole and four of our favourite cameras…the Nikon S3, Canon P, Olympus Pen FT and FujiPro GS645S.

We decided to venture out Family Day for our first PhotoSnackWalk of 2020 – rumor had it that the weather was going to be great, sunny and bluebird, I got very excited! However the weather had been informed of our day off and decided to throw us a curve by producing foggy clouds for the sun to play peek-a-boo behind. It may have slowed down our photo taking but it definitely didn’t slow down our snacking.

Our goal this year is to venture to more parts of the city that we don’t usually get to photograph. Which was the subject of our brunch discussion, that and the plentiful snacks at our new favourite brunch spot: Nemesis Coffee on Hastings Street. (Most of which are pictured above….) We also thought it’d be fun to talk about our favourite parts of the city to photograph so far and why. Our tendency has long been to hit the downtown core and more specifically the Gastown area. We both love Gastown’s old school charm and the remainder of it’s historic buildings. Of course a true favourite being the “breadbox”,  otherwise known as the Dominion Building, though there are many interesting building down in that area. (Further out of Gastown our other favourite is the beautiful Marine Building.) Certainly we have different interests and shooting styles, but we both love street shooting the most. Both of us are working on getting a bit more bold with our street portraits of people, but it’s a continuing learning curve and a fine line sometimes in Vancouver, or any large city, with what your subject matter (when it comes to people) says. As well, though people are more and more used to having their photo taken almost any where they go these days, they are also more and more aware of having their photo taken. All challenges and aspects of street photography to consider and be aware of when out and about shooting.

So on this particular day, since the weather took a turn on us, we stuck to our go-to area of Gastown and down into the Convention Centre/Canada Place area as well. Here are a few photos and individual observations from that day. Stay tuned to the blog too, as we try to investigate more streets of Vancouver in areas less explored over the next year.

Nicole – Obviously I never finish my rolls in a timely manner in winter – life is just too dark. I didn’t manage to finish the roll I had in my Nikon S2, however I did go out and finish my Olympus Pen FT half frame roll – I tortured my family one Sunday afternoon. I got this roll developed at Rocket Repro and here we are – some photos from the Olympus Pen FT, both lenses, the 25mm and 38mm.

Olympus Pen FT with the 25mm lens – which I was kindly gifted from a friend…

And the 38mm…


Meghan – I also didn’t quite finish my roll in my Canon P (stay tuned for an update to this post, as we may add some more photos when both of those rolls get developed.) I did shoot off the roll I had in the Fuji 645 however, which was Lomo 800, of questionable date. On several occasions this film has left me with dots, numbers and an overall texture from the backing paper coming through. It’s quite possible I do a terrible job of loading it in conditions that are too bright, or maybe it’s “too old” of a roll. I’m not entirely sure – but this roll didn’t disappoint when it comes to the backing paper coming through once again. I enjoy shooting with the Fuji 645, which is not my own but borrowed from a friend, though all its knobs and levers on the lens I find a bit too similar and not particularly instinctive when it comes to adjusting them without having to look at what I’m doing every time. I have only shot a few rolls with it though, so perhaps over time I would grow accustomed to which one is which just by feel. I really enjoy the format of it though and was disappointed especially in the photo of the couple in the corner restaurant photo, as I think without the backing paper issue it would’ve been a great shot. As it is though, there is just too much noise.


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