It’s iOptron Season!

With warmer spring weather in the air, promising clear nights under dark skies, now is the time to start trying your hand at tracked night sky photos! Heading out to dark skies at night is also a great way to keep away from the crowds (aka social distancing), something that is rather important these days!

We sell the iOptron line of star tracking camera mounts, and currently have several of the SkyTracker Pro mounts in stock at $389. Now is definitely the time to buy, should you want to give a star tracking mount a go, since with the massive drop in value of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar, our next shipment of Sky Tracker mounts will likely be at least 10% more expensive than they are now!

I have written an article on the Sky Tracker mounts here: and there are also numerous sample images I took with my previous generation model.

Ideally you would use one of these SkyTracker mounts away from the city under dark skies, however if you are stuck and cannot get away, even shooting in the city can be rewarding, especially if you arm yourself with a Nisi Natural Night filter!

The Natural Night filter acts as an effective light pollution filter, significantly increasing the contrast of night-sky shots taken in or near a city. I have also written a review on the NiSi filters with some sample images as well here:

There are two images in the linked gallery, numbers 25 and 26, which illustrate just how effective this filter can be! Contact us if you have any more questions about sky tracking mounts!

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