Cameras and Croissants: Yashica Electro 35

For a while now I’ve been struggling with this camera, a friend gave it to me though so I can’t give up. Its specs lead me to believe using it would result in good photos. It has a f/1.7 lens, so it should do alright in low light! On the first roll I shot I got sub-par photos. That being said I did take it out before work on a Thursday in spring – it was a tad cloudy and not really optimal light. After that disappointment the only option was to try again, so I forced Mustafa to try it in July so we could write about it in our August newsletter (it seemed like a good opportunity for it, as we have some for sale in the store). You can read the August Newsletter here and see Mustafa’s photos: Beau News – August 2020

His results were better, but still neither of us felt drawn to the camera. This made me realize the only way I can do a fail safe test would be to take it out on a very sunny day. So one of the last great sunny days we got this summer I walked home from work with it. The pictures were better but I still found myself unenthusiastic at the thought of shooting it again . I found the resulting photos not sharp enough for my tastes nor were they charmingly blurred enough. The camera itself is also an annoying size – a classic compact that’s not actually compact!

Here are the photos so you can decide for yourself, or even purchase one (they run approx $100-$150 with a battery conversion) and take some yourself! I’d love to see someone get amazing results out of one!


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