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This post is a little different from all my others. It’s about the graphic novel “Onibi: Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter” by Atelier Sento, Cecile Brun, Olivier Pichard & Marie Velde This weekend I was perusing graphic novels on the VPL website and ended up with one I thought would be a fun illustrated story about Japanese yokai. Once I started reading, I was delighted to discover the authors had actually written a fun story not only about Japanese yokai, but about analogue photography as well! The story takes you through the charming adventure of two people who travel to Japan and come across a old camera in a dusty shop. The proprietor of the shop claims the camera can photograph spirits! The two of them go on several day trips, speaking with people all over Niigata. They ask about the yokai that are said to be in the region, with the hopes of capturing some with their camera. I really liked how this book introduces Yokai and analogue photography practices to the reader!

I did look for this book to purchase and found it on Indigo’s online store.

I also had the thought that if one wanted to try the same processing techniques mentioned in this story, we do have all you need here at the store. We definitely have you covered if you need an old mystical camera and we also sell the things you need for cyanotype printing. As for the caffenol developing, Kathy has done a separate blog post on chocolate printing and I am pretty sure coffee could easily be replaced by chocolate. https://www.beauphoto.com/developing-film-with-chocolate/




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