Wild Planet “Off The Map” Binocular Camera

Wild Planet binocular camera

This binocular camera was a gift and I absolutely love it!

Despite its plasticy feel I actually liked using it too. I honestly felt while taking these photos that they would turn out, the view finder gives the illusion that the camera will take well framed sharp photos. It is a half frame camera which makes the lens more zoomy.  Admittedly I was not surprised, but was still a bit sad that that was not the case….the results definitely lacked sharpness and contrast. They looked marginally more promising when I scanned them as a strip, however the individual scans aren’t impressive in the least. Also, all the frames seemed to tilt in the same direction as if they were trying to slide off the film (despite my not framing them that way.) Someone else I know actually also has this camera and he said the same thing! Except the lens tends to tilt downwards. So I think Wild Planet needs to quality control their wares better (ha ha) and don’t worry I’ll be sure to get a time machine, travel to 2002 and tell them that.

– Nicole

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