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One of the main reasons I love this job is the photography related stories I get to hear! A while back a customer came in with some consignment items, a few cameras and some film processing items from mid 20th century. She told me they belonged to a family member who moved between a couple different countries in the world, toting his cameras and darkroom equipment along with him, and eventually settling here in B.C.  She was kind enough to bring me a photo of him and some of his negatives – seeing old photos is another perk of the job. I find it upsetting when people just throw old photos, negatives and slides away! Currently these photos, negatives and slides are our only way to visually observe things from our past! They are all we have until time traveling backwards becomes the next popular holiday destination.

There are quite a few photos in this series and as we go through them we thought we would create a new blog post for each set. Here is the first set of photos from this collection.

The photographer himself.
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Vintage albums with notes.

Gallery #2 
Uploaded April 2023

Gallery #3
Uploaded May 2023

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4 replies on “Travel Back In Time – Vintage Photo Series

  • Juliet

    Nicole, you are amazing. What a truly lovely recognition of time past….people who lived their lives, loved their families and captured some of their special moments in time….thank you for sharing these few photos that are left from a life-time of photography ….you are “history in the making!” Juliet

  • Melanie Wyma

    Thank you for posting these! What wonderful photos! I have been sorting through my parent’s slides of India, where we lived for 5 years in the 1960’s. Most slides aren’t marked, just put in general categories. I finally found my mother’s typewritten 10 of story of a trip around South India. The first place we stayed was the Circuit House in Mettur. I was thrilled to see your photo of it, and it has helped me begin to put names of places we visited on the slides I’m digitizing.

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