The Favourite Camera Series – Roger

When asked, Roger Hur said:

   1. If you were to choose a favourite film camera from your collection which would it be?

This is a very difficult question, as many of the cameras in my collection have a specific purpose and strength. It’s like asking which one of your kids is your favorite? Well, I guess if push came to shove, I would have to say my Mamiya RZ67 ProII camera. I’ve been so satisfied with the results of this camera, I do really love it. The only downside is that I don’t shoot it often enough because of its size and weight.


2. How long have you owned this camera?

I’ve had the camera since October 2013. I acquired a Hasselblad 500cm the previous year and was interested in shooting a bigger medium format image other than square. It was between the Pentax and the Mamiya. I chose the latter.

3. How did you come to own this camera?

I purchased the camera from a US seller on Ebay, approximately $400usd that included two lenses, two film backs, and a waist level finder. Pretty great value if you ask me. I’ve since purchased some other accessories,but my favorite by far is the Polaroid back where I can shoot instant pack film (don’t even get me started about the sadness I feel about its discontinuation). Previously I shot pack film on the Hasselblad, but the Mamiya yields a bigger 72mm x 72mm image. After all who doesn’t want bigger prints?

4. What things do you enjoy most about this camera?

  • Bright finder

  • Good focus throw with a fine adjustment knob

  • Leaf shutter

  • Polaroid back option

  • Conversation piece anytime I take it out



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