Arrived! The Nikon D850…

Part of our first shipment of D850 bodies

We’ve just received our first shipment of Nikon D850 bodies and all, for now, are going to Nikon Professional Services members who had placed preorders through NPS. We still have more NPS preorders to fill as well and for those of our customers who’ve ordered a D850 and are not NPS, at the moment the best guess we have is that you might see your camera late September or in October some time. With luck, maybe Nikon will ramp up their shipments, so who knows, maybe it’ll be sooner…

Unfortunately the MB-D18 battery grip situation is grim. We have been told not to expect any sort of decent quantities of grips until possibly as late as November. We sure hope that Nikon is being overly pessimistic about that!

If you haven’t ordered a D850 yet, but do want to buy one, then please call or email us and get on our list! The same goes for the MB-D18 battery grip. For those lucky few who are getting their D850 orders from our first shipment… enjoy, and let us know how you like it!

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