Shooting Beauty with Broncolor Para

Recently I received in my inbox a posting from Broncolor USA about the unique and subtle different lighting qualities of their Para Light modifiers. This was a reposting from Julia Kuzmenko Mckim, a Los Angeles-based commercial beauty photographer, retouching artist and Broncolor ambassador. While I unfortunately do not have the time to read every article that comes across my desk I decided to share this article with you for a few reasons. First of all I feel there is no reason to re-invent the wheel. If a successful and established photographer is going to take the time to share her knowledge and discoveries with other photographers we should have a look and perhaps we can improve our craft. Secondly, Julia’s journey started out just like many other photographers with a love for photography and she turned it into a successful career. Thirdly, the article is not only well written, but also Julia took the time to show in her photographs the subtle differences of the various light modifiers she uses. Finally, we are a Broncolor dealer and I wanted to share what great products Broncolor has to offer — as well we have a used Broncolor Para 220FB on consignment at a great savings, and I felt many photographers don’t know enough about this amazing light modifier.

This is a link to Julia’s blog article. I hope you enjoy it. Her beauty photography is stunning and inspiring and I hope you take something away from reading her article. Julia’s blog also has many other articles that you might find useful and informative, she also markets a line of software and instructional videos which I do not know about, nor have any personal experience with:

Last Word: If you decide to purchase a Brocolor Para you will need a sturdier stand to hold it up. Most likely you’ll want a rolling stand for ease of moving the Para into the exact position and we have several options to help you out with that. If you have any questions about Broncolor, please feel free to email me (Ken).

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