“At Frosted Lens” camera covers

As the days and nights are getting colder Photographers are looking at ways to protect their cameras from the cold and the elements. You may not know this but Beau Photo sells camera covers for the extreme cold, designed and produced by a local company called At Frosted Lens. These camera “parkas” are designed for outdoor photographers looking at protecting DSLRs and lenses from wind, humidity, frost or cold. Specifically designed for use with a tripod, the camera parka is ideal for landscape photography such as long exposures, time-lapse, night and astro-photography. Whether the dew point is an issue, or in foggy or cold weather, the camera parka protects equipment and extends battery life in the cold as well, if compared to an unprotected camera. Main features of the camera parka are…

  • Protection against humidity, moisture and frost
  • Protection against wind chill
  • Protection against cold
  • Easy access to camera controls with long and wide side sleeves
  • Quick access to camera LCD with a flap
  • Magnets in the flap to secure it open or closed
  • Easy manual focusing without removing the cover
  • A pull string to secure the cover around the lens hood
  • Pull strings on side sleeves to close tight when not in use
  • Adjustable around tripod plate/head through opening and a Velcro strap
  • A snap hook to tie the two side sleeves together
  • Keep hands warm when changing settings
  • Fits most DSLRs.

Two types of camera parka are available; Camera Parka Classic and Camera Parka Pro. Both covers are made of high quality outdoor fabrics from Polartec®. The outer shell is water repellent, durable and blocks wind at 99%. It provides complete protection from wind, moisture and frost. The inner layer is a double fleece providing insulation from cold to the camera and warmth to the hands of the photographer when changing settings. The Camera Parka Pro has an extra layer of thermal fabric around the camera body. It helps keep the cold out and the heat in, when using chemical heat warmers for instance. Both covers have a version for short lenses or fish eye lenses. Extra pull strings inside the covers are used to secure the front sleeve around short lenses.

At Frosted Lens Classic Parka – $129.99
At Frosted Lens Classic Parka (Fisheye) – $139.99
At Frosted Lens Pro Parka – $149.99
At Frosted Lens Pro Parka (Fisheye) – $159.99

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