Beau carries seamless paper from BD in a variety of colours. Seamless paper is best for creating flat areas of colour with no texture behind the subject. The rolls are available in 4′ x 36′ and 9′ x 36′. The Black, Super White and Storm Grey are also available in 12′ x 100′ rolls. We don’t stock every colour in each size, but we can special order anything you need. We also carry rolls of vinyl in white, black and chroma key green. If you want a more textured look, we carry muslin backdrops in different colours. These are best for a textured look and for draping over props.
** Please note that the colours on your screen may not accurately represent the backdrop colour. We have BD sample swatch books available if you need to more precisely match a colour.


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Beau Photo Supplies Inc.
Beau Photo Supplies Inc.