Beau-Flat Folded Foamcore, Black/White, (4’x4′ or 3’9″x4′)


Beau Flats are a more portable option to the very popular V-Flat as they can be folded down to one quarter the size that they are open. They are made from double sided stiff foam boards that are 3/16″ thick and quite strong.

We are not able to ship Beau-Flats through the website, but you can order online and choose local pickup. Please contact us if you would like to purchase one and have it shipped.


Beau-Flats are made to order. Please allow at least 3 business days processing time.

Note – B-flats and V-flats are meant to be used as reflectors and/or flags. They work as backdrops but they do have a small gap between the panels in the center, and have velcro fasteners and tape that matches the panel colour. These can be made less visible and even invisible if  lighting is set with this in mind. If you need something totally seamless, try a seamless paper roll, available in many colours!

* The velcro straps on the sides may be on the black or the white side, and may vary from the photo. These are made by hand. let us know if you’d like something specific.

  • Most cars can NOT fit a standard Beau-Flat.  Beau-Flats are still 4ft. wide when folded. Be sure to double check what dimensions you need and order the custom narrower 3’9″ size if necessary.