Pinhole Day 2018

This year I had quite the eventful pinhole day! I had intended to go outside with my dark bag, film and Ilford Obscura 4×5 pinhole camera and shoot the neighborhood gardens which are in full bloom. Unfortunately it happened to be a bit rainy out so instead of bringing all of my pinhole equipment outside I decided to just reload in my apartment and go up and down the elevator a few times. As I walked outside to take my first shot I noticed a random guy staggering and almost falling down the sidewalk outside my building, he even had blood running down his face!  Another concerned citizen and I decided to call an ambulance for him so he could get some help and hopefully avoid more catastrophe! About 35 minutes later I finally got down to taking some Pinholes. To find exposure, I used the Pinhole Assist app, but because of the distracted start I had I did make the mistake of forgetting to compensate for the outdatedness of the Fuji NPS 160 I was using, because of this my pinhole photos came out slightly under exposed. It also annoyed me that they weren’t sharp, next time I use a tripod!  I also ended up taking some of my pinholes indoors because going up and down my flippin elevator DID get tedious!!

For more Pinhole Day fun, check out the official Pinhole Day site:


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