Camera Speed Dating – Special “Shitty Camera Challenge” Edition!

Always up for a weird film challenge and with no shortage of odd cameras to try out, Nicole & I have decided to take part in a fun Twitter challenge with the #believeinfilm community called the “Shitty Camera Challenge”, wherein the film you buy to put in the camera should be worth more than the camera itself. There have been many different film and camera challenges lately on Twitter as film grows in popularity again, but this one seemed amusing so we decided we’d dig out a couple cameras of shall we say….questionable quality, and give it a go. To see the twitter feed for the challenge check out: We have to say, there’s a pretty sweet prize (haha) but we are never in these things for the prestige…

Here’s the timeline for the challenge, which starts June 1st, 2018:

First week (1st – 9th): Shoot your “shitty” camera!

Second/Third week (10th – 23rd): Process/Develop your film

Fourth Week (24th – 30th): Post/share your photos online using hashtag #ShittyCameraChallenge and/or @ShittyChallenge

THE PRIZE: One used cd copy of Chicago’s first album CTA. The winner will be selected randomly by @ShittyChallenge



Thus…we have interupted our regular Camera Speed Dating to take these two shitty little point and shoots on quick speed dates. Nicole shooting with the Bee camera and Meghan with the Minnie Mouse camera.

So hunt down a shitty camera and get ready for the “Shitty Camera Challenge”!

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