Camera Confidential: Nikon F with Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-S 50mm f1.4 and Modified Prism

February, 4th 2021. Thursday. 6pm. Vancouver – Nicole: Recently I got myself a Nikon F with a photomic metered prism. I found the photomic prism extremely heavy to say the least, I also found classic non-metered prisms extremely expensive. I was complaining to my friend, Alex, about this and turns out he had previously made himself a 3D printed prism housing for his Nikon F2 and he offered to make me one too. I just had to ebay myself a broken photomic head (mine was in much to good of condition to sacrifice) and he did the rest. I won’t even pretend to know how, just know that after about a week he had installed it on my camera and I was ready to go! (If your interested you can direct message him on his Instagram at @iamalexderr). I like the no name brand appearance of the 3D printed prism housing, and this may be stupid, but I feel better about bringing it out in the rain or snow.



February, 14th 2021. Sunday. 10:00am. Vancouver – Nicole: I finally got to use my new prism when it was snowing so I decided to shoot things from my apartment window. My favorite shot is of a seagull that sat on our balcony railing for a unusually long time and gazed in the window at the cat and I sitting on the bed. It was quite a dark stormy day. Perhaps his flippers had frozen to the railing… I must also mention during the processing of this roll Mustafa’s roll stuck to mine… I LOVE the crazy pattern it made across the top of the frame, however he wasn’t so lucky, his frames were destroyed.


Another example of when your film sticks together during developing.

 Epilogue –

When I finally got to shoot it again, this camera and lens combo took great photos that were super sharp! The Fujifilm Acros is super smooth too and has a beautiful silver look to it, which you can especially see in the metal of the building in the last photo!


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