Bigger can be better! The new Orangemonkie Foldio3!

The Foldio2 was a great idea for product shooting. It folds into a small travel portfolio, making it compact and easy to travel with too. It comes with built in led lights so you don’t need any extra external lights either! With the Foldio360 turntable and app for your smart phone and camera, you also can create amazing 360 deg. product photography. The only criticism photographers had was it was too small for some products. Now at long last we have the Foldio3! Almost 25% bigger! At 25 inches, this will accommodate most items like wine bottles, purses and shoes. Now I can’t wait till they come out with the one for car shoots!

Orangemonkie has also introduces the Halobar an adjustable LED light that you can attach to the outside of the Foldio3 when you need extra lighting.
Check out the Foldio3 here:

Orangemonkie Foldio2 $119.95

Orangemonkie Foldio3 $219.95
Orangemonkie Foldio360 $219.95
Orangemonkie Halobar $ 54.95

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