Back to School Analogue Sales!

It’s that time! Student and teachers are headed back to class and need to stock up on supplies for the coming year. Whether you are just starting out in photography or are a returning student further into your studies, we have just about everything you need for your creative classes. We offer a wide variety of digital AND analogue items, but in this post we’re going to let you know all about what we have in our analogue department and what sales we offer students and teachers! Stay tuned to the blog for any upcoming info about digital sales for students.

For the month of September, we offer students 10% off on select key darkroom items that most students need for their school year. That includes the following items:

  • Paterson two reel developing tank – Regular Price $45.27  SALE PRICE $40.74
  • Beseler snap closed archival negative binder – Regular Price $24.95  SALE PRICE $22.45
  • Printfile 35-7B archival negative protector sheets – Regular Price $13.41  SALE PRICE $12.07
  • Printfile 35-7BXW archival negative protector sheets – Regular Price $16.91  SALE PRICE $15.22
  • Giottos rocket blowers (large and small) – Regular Price (large) $22.33  SALE PRICE $21.00 // Regular Price (small) $15.95  SALE PRICE $14.35
  • Ilford Antistatic cloth – Regular Price $15.41  SALE PRICE $13.87
  • Ilford MG contrast filters for enlargers – Regular Price $70.19  SALE PRICE $63.17
  • Kalt Loupe for viewing negatives – Regular Price $19.48  SALE PRICE $17.53



Beyond our Back to School Sale, we also offer students 10% off select film, paper and chemicals ALL YEAR ROUND! Students always save 10% on many films from Kodak, Ilford, Fujifilm and Rollei, as well Ilford darkroom paper and Ilford and Kodak chemicals. (Some exceptions may apply.) As well, SCHOOLS also save on these same products all year round! If you are a teacher be sure to contact us for more information on how you can save when you stock up on your darkroom products.

If you are still in need of a camera for your class, we have many used SLR cameras in store. One of the most sought after or requested SLR cameras is the Pentax K1000 and currently we have lots of them! This is a great workhorse of a camera and extremely simple to use if you are just learning how to work a fully manual camera. In addition to that classic, we have a variety of Nikon and Minolta SLRs that are great for students and a we almost always have a few Canon AE-1 cameras in store, which is another highly requested camera! We can always help you out with choosing which camera will suit your needs but the best option is to come in and check the different models out and see which one works best for YOU. Come by and adopt a camera today!



Aside from these great darkroom and analog items, students also save 10% Off on many of our camera bags and cases and we also have a wide variety of used bags at great prices.

If you have any questions about what other supplies we may have in store for your upcoming classes, don’t hesitate to call us or email


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