Profoto Master Workshop – August 28th, 2019


The Profoto Master workshop is coming to Vancouver!
4 Professional Photographers, 4 amazing models, 2 fun learning sessions, 1 day only August 28th, 2019.

What is a Profoto Master workshop? Have a look at the one just held in Toronto:

In this interactive workshop, you will learn from 4 established photographers that each will share their expertise in the fields of; Fashion, Wedding/Portrait, Beauty and Commercial photography. These 4 Profoto trainers (Miguel, Raph, Billie and Ranjiv) will help you guide through the learning experience, then you take the control of the shoot and learn the benefit of Profoto lighting. You will have chance to bring your own camera or to borrow the latest Sony and Fuji cameras/lenses which will be available for you to use courtesy of Sony Canada and Fujifilm Canada.

The Photographers for the Vancouver Profoto Master Workshop will be:
– Miguel Jacob – Fashion/Commercial
– Raph Nogal – Wedding/Portrait
– Billie Chiasson – Beauty / Commercial
– Ranjiv Gunarajasingam – Wedding/Portrait

The participants will be split into 5 groups, and they will have access to all 4 shooting bays and will be competing in group photo contest. The group will be randomly drawn at the event. One group with the best overall pictures will win the prize bags. There will be show special offered by Beau Photo. Be sure to speak to the sales representative at the show. Max participants are limited to 50 per session and will be excepting 10 standby list first come serve basis. Mark your calendars or sign up today!

Please note: THE LOCATION IS NOT BEAU PHOTO! It will be held at the Vancouver Museum in Vanier Park.

Sign up below:

Morning session

Afternoon session

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