An Introduction to Flic Film

Have you ever wondered why film chemistry and accessories have yet to be optimized to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint?

Flic Film, a photography and chemistry company based out of Longview, Albeta, has been taking the steps forward that the photography industry is in dire need of.  Flic Film’s mission statement embodies the wants and needs of customers and (of course) the importance of environmental sustainability and responsibility. All of Flic Film’s products are designed and packaged to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. This includes their formula recipes all the way down to their packaging. Most importantly, they do this without compromising quality and utility of film and film chemistry. Here is a quick synopsis about our featured Flic Film products. Have a look at last month’s newsletter for a review of the Black, White and Green developer and some sample images.

Flic film Vision3 500T Film – $13.90

VISION3 500T is a high-speed, tungsten-balanced movie film characterized by a fine grain structure, broad dynamic range, and a flexible film speed.  The cassettes Flic Film uses are recyclable when a Flic Pic is used to open them for processing. They can be used for bulk rolling at home or returned to Flic Film to be re-used.
Flic Film C-41 Home Processing Kits – $34.17
Unlike other C-41 home processing kits, Flic Film separates their Bleach and Fixer – this keeps the chemicals lasting longer and provides consistent results from the first roll developed to the last. Available in the 500ml volume, this kit is rated for 8 rolls of film. Each kit comes with developer, stop bath, bleach, fixer and stabilizer. 

Flic Film Black, White and Green – $22.24

Flic Film’s Black, White and Green is an environmentally friendly black and white developer that can be flushed down the drain or into your septic system without guilt or harm. The active ingredient is Vitamin C and the super additive is Phenidone, long known as a safer low toxin developer. 

Flic Film Precision Temperature Water Bath – $208.50

This precision water bath allows you to bring (and hold) your chemistry up to temperature within 0.1 degrees of your preference of choosing. Flic Film’s Precision Temperature Water Bath is custom built to fit four 500ml square bottles, which are  included with the kit. The low water surface area utilized is intentional. It serves two purposes, constant chemical temperature and a quicker warm up time. This has the side benefit of using less energy due to the reduced cooling through evaporation.


In one of our more recent blog posts, Nic Latulippe, one of our newfound Beau Photo team members, takes an in depth look at these Flic Film products that we carry in the store!

Proudly, Beau Photo is the only place in B.C. that carries Flic Film products. 

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