(Cover photo) A selection of autoradiograms from the series. © Jesse Andrewartha 2017

A regular customer of ours has launched a very interesting Kickstarter campaign for a mixed media project that is truly unique. Here is an excerpt from the project outline:

“My campaign raises funds for an expedition to film and photograph historically significant uranium mines around Moab, Utah, and Uranium City, Saskatchewan, for my exhibition, “TRANSMUTATIONS: Visualizing Matter | Materializing Vision” – a unique, immersive, mixed media project combining an expanded 16mm documentary and series of uranotypes that explore ecological and cultural legacies of uranium mining, relationships between ‘apocalyptic’ material practices and the capacity of symbolism to communicate their force. ”

We thought his subject matter was one that was not often discussed and his use of alternative and historic processes to document and create his images was very intriguing. For more information, please visit Jesse’s Kickstart campaign here:


Uraninite specimen, “C” Group, Inter-River District, San Juan County, Utah

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