Reticulation! So in the March 2022 newsletter I expounded upon my bad luck shooting plastic cameras…and my latest reticulation “adventure.” I had two rolls of the offending garage stored Agfa APX 400 and recently I developed the second roll, which was shot in my Leica IIIF / Voigtlander 35mm f2.8. It too was heavily reticulated, however, because it was shot in a non-plastic camera (no offense directed at the Pikachu camera) I got “better” results, some bordering on cool. Don’t get me wrong I am still sad that the photos look like they’ve had an early version of the PS stained glass filter put over them but I find if I let go I can still somewhat appreciate them. Many times I have tried to create film with a reticulated pattern on purpose, I’ve left rolls in a car glove box and on the rooftop patio for years throughout the seasons and had no luck! I do feel like if one could plan and then shoot for this effect it would indeed get popular! Generally reticulation happens with extreme temperature shifts, but it would seem it has to be over longer periods of time. I also noticed that the reticulation patterns get larger on the brighter areas of the photo and smaller on the darker parts… if anyone knows why I’d love to hear!

– Nicole LD


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  • Dan Mullen

    I really like the look of the top image you posted here.
    Back in my film-developing days, I accidentally produced reticulated negatives because one of the processing solutions was too warm and another was too cold. If you do your own processing, you can experiment along that line.

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