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Profoto Spot Small

The Profoto Spot Small is little known in Profoto’s vast catalogue of light modifiers.  This modifier fits onto any Profoto head that uses their standard 4″ diameter head, and gives a nice theatrical lighting effect. The Spot Small creates a spotlight type effect with your choice of a hard light with an even and circular light with hard shadows or a more diffused light with softer shadows, depending on how the light is focused.  The Spot Small also has a M Size gobo holder so you can use pre-made gobos, or handmade ones to throw onto a background.  One must be careful, as the Spot Small will get quite hot when using tungsten modelling lights.
$10/Day or Weekend.


Profoto Small SPot used as a spot light for a cinematic effect.

Tragedy & Comedy gobo

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Beau Photo Supplies Inc.