Profoto C1 and C1 Plus revisited.



It has been almost 2 years now since Profoto introduced the C1 and C1 Plus so I thought it was high time we revisited Profoto’s most overlooked studio lights designed for smartphones. Though Profoto recently has expanded their selection of lights that can be used with smartphones, which now include the A10, B10 and B10 plus, the whole idea started with the C1 and C1 Plus. It was a very simple idea. A continuous light or strobe that you could use with your smart phone. There were many little continuous LED lights out there but no one had cracked how to get a strobe to flash at the same time a phone took a picture. Profoto did. You just connect them via the “Profoto Camera” app from the App Store or Play store, and you were ready to start creating amazing images.

But that was not enough for the “Light shaping company”!  The light the C1 and C1 Plus gave off had to be different. It had to live up to the Profoto name. The light the C1 and C1 Plus delivers is natural looking and beautiful with a soft, gentle fall-off, and that’s due partly because of its shape. Each light is round, just like the sun and you can choose between LED constant light or flash whenever the need arises. Profoto C1 and C1 Plus are incredibly easy to use, allowing you to have fun, to play with light and shadow, and to be as creative as you can be.

Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, both the Profoto C1 and C1 Plus deliver beautiful light on the go. Its round shape mimics the sun and creates a soft fall-off. Its wide color range creates colors that can match any light conditions from dusk to dawn. And its built-in reflectors and diffusers create natural shadows, allowing you to create beautiful portraits and creative images whereever you are. Since they are small, you can take them everywhere and place them anywhere so you can always have natural-looking, beautiful light with you, anytime, anywhere. With the “Profoto Camera” app you get full control and freedom over power, exposure, and color temperature.

So what is the difference between the C1 and the C1 Plus?

The Profoto C1 has:
-1600 lumens of power output
– 4 warm and 3 cold LEDs
– Built-in dome diffuser.

The Profoto C1 Plus has:
-4300 lumens of power output
– 10 warm and 10 cold LEDs
– Click-on magnetic mount for Clic light shaping tools
– Built-in button for switching continuous light on/off
– Built-in buttons to adjust power and color temperature
– Built-in thread mount for stands and arms
– Compatible with any Profoto AirTTL Remote

The Profoto C1 Plus is compatible with light shaping tools such as color gels, grids, and dome, which give limitless creative possibilities. The light shaping tools click on and off in no time with the C1 Plus’ magnetic mount. Use it hand-held to easily play around and explore different angles by simply moving the C1 Plus around, or put it on a stand or arm with the built-in thread mount. You can even use several lights together. Since C1 Plus is also compatible with Profoto AirTTL remotes, you can also bring it along if shooting with a DSLR or film camera.

I have been using a Profoto C1 Plus at home for a while now, especially when I do not have the time nor the desire to bring out my larger studio lights. This is generally when I am in the kitchen making a special dinner or baking bread and I want to share a photo on Instagram and Facebook. I often will just use my phone or use it alongside my Fujifilm camera. I mainly use the continuous light to create a more professional image. It is easy and fast to move the light around to different angles and see the effects right away. I also use a mini Joby Gorillapod to help position the C1 Plus and keep it exactly in that spot. From there it’s easy to adjust the colour and power with the Profoto Camera app on my phone. This is a great feature since I can see the effects live as I make them, and since I have a mix of daylight from the windows and warm lights through out the kitchen, I have the option to override or to balance the color temperature of the light I choose. As well, because they are so small, I can place them at a very low angle to create a more dramatic shot. Being able to work quickly is important, as no one really wants to wait while I fuss around with their dinner, letting it get cold.

Shot on my phone without the Profoto C1 Plus

Shot on my phone with the Profoto C1 Plus

Profoto has some great tutorial videos to get you started. Here is one of them:

Just a note on the Profoto Camera App: Not all phones are supported on all features as of yet.

Operating systems:

Supported iPhones
iPhone 7 or later, running on iOS 11 or later.

Supported Android phones
Samsung Galaxy S8 line, S9 line,
S10 line, S20 line, Note 9 line.
Requires Android OS 8 or newer

Huawei P40
Use your Profoto C1 or C1 Plus seamlessly with Huawei native camera app.

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Profoto C1 Plus $399.00  Profoto C1 $199.00

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