Profoto A1 Photo Walk July 24th

Join Profoto Canada and Miguel Jacob in their first ever “Vancouver Profoto A1 Photowalk “
When: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Where: Beau Photo and Granville Island

Come to Beau Photo just before 2PM July 24th and meet fashion photographer and Profoto Ambassador Miguel Jacob as well as Andres Prieto from Profoto Canada and learn about the amazing Profoto A1, the world’s smallest studio light. Then it is a short walk to Granville Island where you will be able to photograph a model with the beautiful backdrop of Granville Island. You will be able to learn about using the Profoto A1 to balance flash with ambient light and many other situations, using the A1 to create amazing photos.

To register for this FREE event please visit the Eventbrite link here: REGISTER FOR PROFOTO PHOTO WALK


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4 replies on “Profoto A1 Photo Walk July 24th

  • Gerald Holowaty

    Hi….. I’m so sorry…..I’m out of town. Any good quick tips about the flash walk would be great. Eg. some main rules in shooting in daylight?? hope to be able to come again. cheers, Jerry

  • Ken Shymka

    Hi Gerald, Sorry you can’t make it for this event. I would suggest you check out the great articles on Profoto’s web page in the A1 Section: There is some great advice from different Profoto professionals. Also there is a dedicated coarse on the Profoto Academy given by Hannah Couzens. There will also be other postings from this event by Miguel Jacob after the event so watch for them here on the Beau Photo Blog.

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