Sekonic L-858D Speedmaster Light Meter


The Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D is the next generation of light meters and the most advanced multi-function light meter available for photographers and filmmakers. It is the first meter of its kind capable of measuring flash duration, while also being able to achieve an accurate ambient exposure reading in dimly lit scenes as low as 0.1 lx, thus finally matching the high-ISO capabilities of today’s cameras. The Sekonic L-858d provides image-makers of all levels with the critical exposure data they need to create stunning and beautiful imagery.



Flash Duration Measurement

Radio Control Modules for Wireless Triggering

Increased Light Sensitivity

HSS Flash Measurements

Flash Analyzing Function

Measure ambient light for shutter speeds between 30 min. to 1/64,000s

Additional ISO range from ISO 3 to ISO 13,107,200, with ISO 850 for cinema cameras

Full HD Cine and CINE modes

Measure from 1 to 1000 fps or shutter angles of 1 to 358 degrees

Filter Compensation Mode

2.7” Color dot‐matrix touch screen

Connectivity with MAC/PC DTS Software

Additional information

Weight 1.395 lbs
Dimensions 10.3 × 6.55 × 3.8 in