Fujifilm X100V Camera


The X100V’s timeless body has top and bottom plates milled from single pieces of aluminum, which results in a refined and classic camera body with clean, attractive edges. Finished with a beautiful satin coating, the X100V is a perfect combination of design and engineering that is sure to make photographers of any level joyful as they make their images.



The analog inspired controls of the X100 Series are one of its most defining characteristics. The use of dials for exposure compensation and shutter speed provide a purely tactile experience and contribute considerably to making the image making process an immersive and enjoyable experience.

The X100V features the latest 26MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, a weather-resistant body design, a surprisingly flush mounted rear touch LCD that tilts up and down, fast and reliable AF as well as a newly refined lens design. The new 23mm f/2 II lens now features an additional aspherical element for improved sharpness across the frame, from corner to corner, as well as better performance on macro shots when shooting at wide apertures. A built-in 4-stop ND filter allows one to shoot wide-open with the X100V’s leaf-shutter, even in the brightest conditions, and it can also allow for some creative blur effects when used to dramatically slow down your shutter speed.

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