Fujifilm X100 Lens Hood / Adapter Ring (Black)


This kit includes the AR-X100 Filter Adapter ring and LH-X100 Lens Hood, both in black finish, for an X100 series camera. This kit, plus a PRF-49 protective filter, is required to achieve the weather resistant rating for the Fujifilm X100V.


Compatible with:  All Fujifilm X100 series cameras (as of early 2023).

The adapter ring replaces the camera’s standard threaded “beauty ring” and allows the attachment of standard 49mm filters. The “vented” lens hood attaches via bayonet mount to the adapter and the slots cut in the hood allow you to more effectively see your subject through the optical viewfinder when the hood is attached.

Important! Do not attach a filter in reverse directly to the threads under the beauty ring of an X100 series camera without using the AR-X100 filter adapter. The lens moves while focusing and without the spacing provided by the adapter, it will hit the inside of the filter and that could damage the lens and/or focusing mechanism!

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