Perpetual Used Polaroid Cameras!

With the introduction of the IMꟼOSSIBLE project back in 2008, we’ve seen a resurgence in Polaroid and other cameras supporting the film format. Fast forward to 2017 and IMꟼOSSIBLE have re-branded to Polaroid Originals. Their largest shareholder purchased the intellectual property of Polaroid, along with it is an increase in instant film sales at Beau! Score!

We have a constant, revolving stock of Used/Vintage Polaroid cameras of varying types which are now supported with film from Polaroid Originals in 600, SX70 and Spectra type film.

With the new OneStep2 and i-Type film, on top of the perpetual fountain of old Polaroid cameras, we have you covered for all things instant. If you are looking for an instant camera be sure to come in and check out our selection!

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Beau Photo Supplies Inc.
Beau Photo Supplies Inc.