Now available for Android – Profoto Connect

Today Profoto announced Android compatibility with the Profoto Connect, offering seamless smartphone connectivity for all photographers – regardless of what smartphone they use.
On March 27, 2019, Profoto released Profoto Connect, the button-free trigger. At the time, iPhone users could enjoy the freedom to control light by a simple swipe on their smartphone
screen. Today, Profoto offers that freedom to all photographers – regardless of what smartphone they use. The Profoto Connect is a small, smooth and discreet trigger that you place on top of your camera to connect to the flash.

“When we sat down and talked with photographers, we recognized that all the buttons and menus you find on a typical remote trigger can seem a little complex, so we decided to get rid of them completely,” Albert Norelius, Profoto Product Manager, explains.

Instead, Profoto Connect simply has three settings; auto, manual and off. In auto mode, it’s just point-and-shoot, because a good flash exposure is calculated automatically when you press the shutter – enabling you to focus on the image and not the settings. If you would like a little more control of your light, you can slide the Profoto Connect to manual mode and creatively fine-tune it
in the Profoto app. That way you can achieve the exact lighting effect you want. Whatever purpose you might have with your images, the Profoto Connect offers you the freedom to create them easily and with seamless smartphone connectivity – now available for all photographers.

Profoto Connect Features:
• Button-free trigger for all Profoto AirTTL products
• Connects camera and light
• Small and lightweight
• Two modes: Auto and Manual
– Auto mode: Point and shoot with automatic flash exposure
– Manual mode: Fine-tune the flash settings
• Smart connectivity with the Profoto app
– To control settings with the remote control function, not capture images directly in phone.
• USB-C Charging
• Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (30h battery life)

Available products at Beau Photo:
901310 Profoto Connect – Canon
901312 Profoto Connect – Sony
901314 Profoto Connect – Nikon
901316 Profoto Connect – Fujifilm
901318 Profoto Connect – Olympus/Panasonic * Special order*

Download the Profoto app today on your phone at the “PLAY STORE” !

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