My Favourite! Multiple Exposing!

Multiple Exposure pic

I know, I know! I’ve likely said this before and I’ll likely say it ten billion more times! I LOVE multiple exposures on film! They are dreamy! And you never know what results you’re going to get – it’s always a surprise! Unless of course you’re shooting digital, which can also be fun…

So, there are two main ways I will do a multiple exposure:

My fave method of ‘multiple exposuring’ is to shoot an entire roll of film in one camera, then reload it in either the same camera with a different focal length lens or a different camera altogether. In my opinion this method is easier on 35mm.

Multiple Exposure Pic

Multiple Exposure Pic

The other way I’ll go about it is to take one exposure and not advance the film, then take another exposure on the same frame, one after another. In my opinion this method suits 120 best.
My ‘go to’ multiple exposure cameras are: for 120 film – my Rolleicord Vb, and for 35mm – my Pentax MZS/ Pentax *ist (both of those are the same idea just different models).

Multiple Exposure Pic

Multiple Exposure Pic


I like the ‘modern’ Pentax cameras because they have options, you can use the multiple exposure setting or just shoot through a whole roll and then shoot through it again.

The Rolleicord is easy because it’s just a matter of cocking the shutter, taking a photo, then not advancing the film, repositioning yourself for the frame you’d like to double, then cocking the shutter again and shooting another photo. It can be done very quickly. The larger negative also makes the image clearer. Sometimes double exposures can look busy on a small 35mm negative.

Another thing to keep in mind is I’ve found that shooting multiple exposures in Spring and Summer usually get me more striking images because the sunnier, contrasty light seems to work best!

A few multiple exposure cameras we have in the store right now are:

Canon Elan 7 ( the one for sale in store comes w/ EF 28-90mm 4-5.6 ) cameras are great for multiple exposing. They are handy because you can use either method from above, and they have a setting specifically for multiple exposing. They run for $300.00 plus tax

Here is a link to the used Canon film cameras on our website.

We do also have two Rolleis in store that are similar to mine. The Rolleicord III $450 (which is the model Meghan has) and the Rolleicord Vb $800 (which is the model I have).

Here is a link to the used Rollei cameras on our website.

There are always more cameras to be found in store than on the website so don’t hesitate to get in touch via email and ask us!

All these photos were shot using expired film.

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