Meet TetherGuard… It’s JerkStopper, only Better


I thought I would share a recent Tether Tools post of a great new product. Tether Tools recently launched a new magnetic breakaway cable management system, TetherGuard.

TetherGuard’s Lock & Dock system is a superior way to ensure every cable stays connected, every port stays free from damage, and every shot captured is transferred securely.  While having a disconnected cable can stop a tethered shoot, damage to your port requires you to ship your camera to the manufacturer for repairs that can take months and cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.



The TetherGuard Camera Support can be used in either locked or a break-away mode depending on your needs.  The magnetic quick-release system, which is integrated throughout the entire line, makes setup and breakdown a breeze and the interchangeable Locks and Docks can be used in thousands of situations for all creatives.  TetherGuard provides increased peace of mind that cables will stay connected and equipment ports free from damage. After you are done shooting, keep one end on your camera and the other end on your cable using the quick disconnect. Use the TetherGuard with any standard A/C power adapter cord, sync cord, USB, HDMI, or FireWire cable. Supports cable diameters from 3.5mm to 8.5mm.

Beau Photo now carries the full Tether Tools TetherGuard lineup. Check them out in store or on line today.

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