Introducing the button-free trigger Profoto Connect

It’s here the all new Profoto Connect! Profoto’s first ever button-free trigger.

It’s small, lightweight and carefully designed with simplicity in mind. With only three settings – auto, manual and off – it lets you focus on what’s important. Not fiddling with settings, but being creative and getting the shot you want.

Slide it to auto for point-and-shoot images with automatic flash exposure and great light in every shot. Or slide it over to manual to expand your creative possibilities even further, by fine-tuning the light either directly on the flash or in the Profoto App.

This is the Profoto Connect. This is you being free to create. Available for Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony and Olympus cameras.  For more info click HERE.

To order your Profoto Connect call or email us at:

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