Found Film Series 35mm Edition

As you may have noticed we get in quite a few 35mm cameras on consignment and many of these cameras are still loaded with film. So as a result, I have a huge bag of undeveloped C-41 mystery rolls. They remained undeveloped until recently due to the cost of developing C-41, when my friend pointed out that he could process them with Blazinal 1:25 for 5.5 minutes and get clear results. This would mean the colour negatives would be black and white but seeing as though the film is most likely heat or age damaged anyway I thought it wouldn’t matter. He said he’d work his way through the bag until he got bored. I thought that was an excellent plan! It might be neat if someone looking at these blog posts recognized their photos.

The above photos were on the same roll of Kodak GC-400 C-41 film.

These three are great, I particularly like the one with Grave Digger in it!


This photo and the cover photo were on the same roll of Fuji S-400 C-41 film.

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