Film Friday #3: Kodak Ektar 100

Film Friday is back!

We’re back in the swing of things with our Film Friday specials and this week we would like to highlight a gorgeous colourful film that we think more people should shoot before the summer ends –  Kodak Ektar 100.

Re-released back in 2008, Kodak claims that it is the world’s finest grained colour negative film. Coupled with its ultra vivid and saturated colours, it is Kodak’s attempt at replicating slide film with a colour negative. As a result, most people would say its much more suited to landscapes and still life more so than portraits as the red tones might overwhelm people’s skintones. Of course, some people still shoots portraits with it anyways in a lot of creative ways. In fact, Kodak suggests Ektar for nature, travel, outdoor and fashion photography.

Most of Kodak’s professional film stock offerings tend to be overshadowed by Portra 400. We here at Beau thinks that’s a bit of a tragedy, because as great as Portra 400 is, so are their other films! Ektar offers a colour pop that no other colour negative film is able to match. While its obviously not as contrasty as proper slide film (there is Ektachrome for that!) its not very far off.

Obviously there isn’t much travelling being done these days, but there has been a lot more time spent in nature. Ektar is, as a result, the perfect film for that! Perhaps it is not the perfect film for day to day shooting (Portra does lend itself better for that) but it is the perfect film for those lovely sunny days like we’re having now. To encourage people to try out Ektar 100 this month, it’s going to be 10% off this Friday and Saturday (Aug 21-22), in all formats. So stop by and grab a roll or two to play with this weekend!

Here are a few examples I’ve taken with the Ektar 100 in the past….


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