Cameras and Croissants: Rolleicord Vb

So a few weeks ago I posted about the loss of my beloved Rolleicord Va. In that blog I mentioned how a Beau Photo customer took pity on me and sold me his Rolleicord Vb. There are few differences between the Va and Vb, the most prominent one being the ability to change out the waist level for a prism finder (which I also got with it) or also allowing one to upgrade the cameras focus screen. That difference isn’t really a big deal, I was more concerned with differences in advancing film, as some TLR cameras over complicated the process before they simplified it.


Though the weather has mostly been crap I still managed to get outside and into a few sunbeams.  Using the Vb is a dream, almost exactly like my Va. I am extremely pleased with the results I got.

Here are a few of my shots…


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